Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love these...

I have fallen head over heels for Pashmina scarves. I had a very pretty fox orange one for at least 4 years that I probably only wore one time up until this year. While at church I met another woman wearing the most beautiful cream one, and it looked absolutely divine. At that moment I decided to start wearing mine at every opportunity. My sister was also fond of scarves, and it reminds me of her, and makes me feel closer to her. There is something so elegant and regal about them. It is nice that they are thin enough I can wear them in the heat here in Florida, but if it is a bit cold they still actually provide a nice bit of warmth without having to dig out a coat. Although mine are not "real" pashmina's like these I love them nonetheless. My one pashie has now multiplied into 3 and there is one more that I saw at Target the other evening that I fully intend on nabbing when I go to get some more of my favorite shampoo. I love them just as much as I do trench coats, and these great feather hairpins. I have gained the confidence to wear my trench coats, and scarves, but I haven't yet been brave enough to make myself a feather hairpin and wear it. They are a very bold statement, and I am just not used to bringing attention to myself. At least I have taken the step out of my comfort zone and started. Maybe someday I will have the self esteem to wear something that bold.

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Liz said...

I knew you of all people would understand what that post was about. :) I know. I think of her everytime I read it.

And yes, I agree... scarves were so HER.