Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I just remembered why I dont like running.

During my first week of running I started having some mild shin splints. Nothing major, just some minor pain and aches Well, they have reared their hateful, painful little heads. Today's running training was to be 6 intervals of 90 seconds of running, with 2 minutes of walking in between. I was also in need of a 3 mile walk for the 3-day training. I decided to just put the two together, and finish up the runs with a little extra walking.......I made it through the runs, while they were each increasingly painful, I managed to finish them. I then finished my cool-down walk, and started up on my last mile of walking. And then things started to fall apart. It hurt, a lot, a whole whole whole lot. Despite this I kept telling myself I could make it. It was only 1 mile, and I could certainly finish up 1 silly little mile. Then, up in the distance I see someone walking, only the longer I watch him, the more I realise he isn't walking but staggering, and stopping, and staggering, oh yes, and Mr. McDrunkpants didn't have on any shoes. I then decide that I do NOT want to pass this man, and slow up a bit hoping he will go down a side street, and away from my path. only he does not, and I am still quickly gaining on him. Unfortunately slowing my pace has giving my shin time to scream at me. I start to think their are evil little men dancing on the nerve endings in my shin, and surely they are wearing spiked shoes. I have to turn early down my street and head for home. I am too afraid to pass sir drinksalot, and the pain is now so intense I am ready to sit down in the middle of the street and cry. So now I sit here, with you, my bloggy friends, and two bags of frozen veggies for the next 10 minutes. I am so disappointed. I want more than anything to be able to prove to myself that I can do this 5k in October, and I do understand that it is still a ways away, but if the pain continues with such intensity, I don't know if I will be able to run. And this my friends makes me very very very sad. I haven't given up yet, but things better improve.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I've done a crazy crazy thing......

I have two very healthy, very fit friends Kate and Michele, who are committed to distance events like triathlons, the 3-day, and running events. They have been a huge part of keeping me motivated to continue with my training. My team captain for the 3-day decided she wanted to sign up for a marathon in February of next year, and pretty much talked me into the half-marathon. Before that though, there is a 5k in Jacksonville beach. In my mind a 5k is a good place to start. Now I know many of you think 5k, that's only 3.1 miles! My issue is, I don't run. I don't like it, it hurts, my lungs burn, my legs burn, my feet hurt in short, i think running sucks! But somewhere in my mind I keep saying why not. Start small, surely you can run for a minute. Build on that, one tiny second at a time. I am just now starting my second week of running, and even though I still don't like it so much. It is something I want to prove to that self-doubting voice that has lived in my head for so many years, that I CAN. My one minute of running, is now two, and next week 3. Slowly but surely I will build my bridge. Maybe when I am fit, and no longer lugging around an extra 90 pounds I'll compete in a triathlon with Kate. I can't say never anymore! And to think it all started with a little walk. OK so 60 miles isn't a little walk, but I remember months ago when a 3 mile walk was pure torture. Now a 7 mile walk is nothing to me. If only those stupid blisters would quit rearing their ugly little heads!!!