Thursday, July 31, 2008


I finally started making some definite decisions about the design in my living room, and after seeing this room. I am totally excited about my prospects!

So here is the layout for my room, I realize just looking at the pictures it was hard to tell what was where. This is where I started.

And this is where I am now!

Here is the room in color!

I went to Wal-mart to pick up a some ink for my printer, which by the way is still not working, and I found the cubes I wanted to use for a coffee table! Not to mention at $19 each, they were a real steal! They are just the right height for the sofa, and you can pull the tops off them and store stuff inside. Storage is always a plus for our poor cramped house! I haven't yet decided if I will paint or sew an accent on them yet, but they make a great coffee table, foot rest, chair, and storage area! There has been a bit of discussion about buying a third one, as I thought they weren't quite long enough to go with the ginormous couch we have.

My head is just spinning with ideas, I will post some more pictures as things develop! I have TONS in store, that is yet to come.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My giant decorating leap.....

So I have decided to be brave, and actually decorate my living room...Monkey and I found this great static cling poster from the 2007 Sarasota film fest. We were bargain shopping, and got the biggest bargain of all...freebie! Man I love finding good trash!!! We decided to put the picture in a shadow box frame and light it from behind. I got some great help from my great friend Michele, about how to pull the room together with a great trendy retro feel....So, here's the room before,

And here is my inspiration.

I realise that the light in this room is terrible, and I fully intend on getting some true white bulbs, I really don't like that yellowy hue they give off.

I am going to take the rugs, and cut them up, then sew them back together into a sort of color blocked area rug. That was another super idea from Michele. Plus we were lucky enough to find the rugs on clearance at Wal-mart.

Now for some painting, and building of cube storage ottomans, and sewing of pillows....OOOOO I am so excited!!

Please please if you have any input let me know!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I see a rainbow!!!

Whew! What a week!!! All things are definitely looking much happier now. Rainbows only happen after the biggest rainstorms! My sister, thank God is home, and happy and did quite well in the hospital. I am so thankful that God has answered my prayers for her, and she was well cared for! Mom is doing quite a bit better in the rehab facility, and is already getting stronger. All her swelling has almost gone away, and the awful bruises she had are disappearing as well. Man oh man my family never does anything halfway!!!

On a lighter note, I was lucky enough to meet the guys from the boat The Wizard from Deadliest Catch!!!!!! They were at the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix, which was over the holiday weekend, and though I didn't get their autograph, it was totally awesome to meet them, I am such a junkie for those shows!!! Monkey decided it was high time I went somewhere other than the hospital, and the house, and demanded that we go out and see the boats. (I think he just wanted to get to go see all the big racing boats!)

Saturday night we went to see a local band Bukshot. The lead singer, Josh is a friend of ours. That was probably as much fun or more than looking at big boats, and meeting the Wizard's crew. We went with another couple who had been having a rough week, and the two of us girls had a riot, and probably a little too much to drink. =)

All in all, I just have to say, have faith. When things are tough, and you are doing all you can, and there is still things out of your control, just have faith, and pray, and things may look up sooner than you think. Have a great week, and take it easy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello God, I really need an angel

And I thought Monday was bad........

It is most certainly not like me to post about my family struggles, but I am just hoping the power of prayer can help us just a little. Both my mother, and sister are in the hospital. My mother broke her tibial plateau very badly on Thursday while trying to pass her motor-scooter license test. She stopped too hard, and the scooter landed on her leg just below her knee. She had surgery Friday night and they inserted plates and screws to repair it. She is now in a rehab facility, and will require a lot of time to heal, and physical therapy. With time, she will recover. My sister, being the private person she is I would rather not elaborate on, but she needs prayer as well. Any well wishes, prayers, and good vibes in our direction will be greatly appreciated. Oh yes, and a word to the wise, NEVER take everyday life for granted, you never know when your world may get pretty rocky, bad stuff can happen in the blink of an eye, so thank God for all the blessings in your life.