Thursday, February 21, 2008

Damn You Danica!

OK, I am going to get on a soap-box here....While my dear hubby feels that no girls should find a role model in "famous" women, I think whether we like it or not the girls of this world are bombarded by the images, and actions of the high-powered and famous women around us. Yes of course i would much rather have my daughter look up to a woman like my mother or sister, but sometimes girls are misled by the glitz and glamor of a famous person. I thought quite highly of dear Indy driver Danica Patrick until she decided to go dancing around in her skivvies for a couple Benjamin's. SERIOUSLY is that what we want our daughters looking up to? What will they learn form a person like that? Run around in nothing but your knickers and you'll have all the skills power money and men you could ever want?! Danica had relatively NO controversy surrounding her, she was a positive strong woman, Why oh Why did she decided to publish her half-naked (and yes smokin hot) body in the pages of some trashy men's magazine! Sorry Danica, but you SUCK! Damn you Danica! I actually thought you were a damn cool girl, next time keep your freaking pants on!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Never clean in the middle of a project

AH! what have i done?! Alas, I started the most fantastic vintage 50's style dress, and it is nearing completion. Seeing as that tomorrow is superbowl sunday I knew it would be wise to leave the rest of the handwork (hemming buttons etc) so that when the big game begins (GO GIANTS!) I would have something to do so that my hand's inability to remain still for longer than 5 minutes wouldn't hamper my watching of the biggest football game of the year. This fantastic dress has a great jacket to go with it, which I planned to finish save for the handwork tonight, but in the meantime, I, with my dear hubby's help cleaned the house from top to bottom and I managed to hide the second half of the pattern instructions from myself!!!! I always have the habit of having the best of intentions when I clean, but i enevitably end up doing it when I am half-way through SOME project of mine, and I manage to loose some part that I needed to complete it! SO, word for the wise, NEVER EVER clean in the middle of a project, the clutter CAN wait. =)