Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My giant decorating leap.....

So I have decided to be brave, and actually decorate my living room...Monkey and I found this great static cling poster from the 2007 Sarasota film fest. We were bargain shopping, and got the biggest bargain of all...freebie! Man I love finding good trash!!! We decided to put the picture in a shadow box frame and light it from behind. I got some great help from my great friend Michele, about how to pull the room together with a great trendy retro feel....So, here's the room before,

And here is my inspiration.

I realise that the light in this room is terrible, and I fully intend on getting some true white bulbs, I really don't like that yellowy hue they give off.

I am going to take the rugs, and cut them up, then sew them back together into a sort of color blocked area rug. That was another super idea from Michele. Plus we were lucky enough to find the rugs on clearance at Wal-mart.

Now for some painting, and building of cube storage ottomans, and sewing of pillows....OOOOO I am so excited!!

Please please if you have any input let me know!!!!


Liz said...

Ok, I love your inspiration! And dont tell anyone, but I almost... almost... got a mermaid tatoo once. LOVE THEM!

Anna Lea said...

A mermaid tattoo you naughty naughty girl you! (have you seen the fairy on my back?) I totally thought of your beautiful hose when I decided to tackle this decorating project!