Thursday, July 31, 2008


I finally started making some definite decisions about the design in my living room, and after seeing this room. I am totally excited about my prospects!

So here is the layout for my room, I realize just looking at the pictures it was hard to tell what was where. This is where I started.

And this is where I am now!

Here is the room in color!

I went to Wal-mart to pick up a some ink for my printer, which by the way is still not working, and I found the cubes I wanted to use for a coffee table! Not to mention at $19 each, they were a real steal! They are just the right height for the sofa, and you can pull the tops off them and store stuff inside. Storage is always a plus for our poor cramped house! I haven't yet decided if I will paint or sew an accent on them yet, but they make a great coffee table, foot rest, chair, and storage area! There has been a bit of discussion about buying a third one, as I thought they weren't quite long enough to go with the ginormous couch we have.

My head is just spinning with ideas, I will post some more pictures as things develop! I have TONS in store, that is yet to come.


Liz said...

Girl! You are so organized. Looks great so far.

Anna Lea said...

Organized! lol You are only seeing the small slice! Ask my sister! While my grandmother, and namesake was probably the most organized woman I have ever met (she cataloged her groceries on note cards hung in her cabinets of when the items inside were purchased, what shelf they were on, and when they expired)I unfortunatly got almost nil of her skills! Thanks tho! I am hoping a little beauty and coherent design will inspire me to organize a little better.