Monday, July 7, 2008

I see a rainbow!!!

Whew! What a week!!! All things are definitely looking much happier now. Rainbows only happen after the biggest rainstorms! My sister, thank God is home, and happy and did quite well in the hospital. I am so thankful that God has answered my prayers for her, and she was well cared for! Mom is doing quite a bit better in the rehab facility, and is already getting stronger. All her swelling has almost gone away, and the awful bruises she had are disappearing as well. Man oh man my family never does anything halfway!!!

On a lighter note, I was lucky enough to meet the guys from the boat The Wizard from Deadliest Catch!!!!!! They were at the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix, which was over the holiday weekend, and though I didn't get their autograph, it was totally awesome to meet them, I am such a junkie for those shows!!! Monkey decided it was high time I went somewhere other than the hospital, and the house, and demanded that we go out and see the boats. (I think he just wanted to get to go see all the big racing boats!)

Saturday night we went to see a local band Bukshot. The lead singer, Josh is a friend of ours. That was probably as much fun or more than looking at big boats, and meeting the Wizard's crew. We went with another couple who had been having a rough week, and the two of us girls had a riot, and probably a little too much to drink. =)

All in all, I just have to say, have faith. When things are tough, and you are doing all you can, and there is still things out of your control, just have faith, and pray, and things may look up sooner than you think. Have a great week, and take it easy!


Liz said...

Hey Anna! Thanks for the advice on the bathroom, I really appreciate it (especially since you DIDNT tell me to paint the tiles... sheeze some of these people are crazy). :) Hope you're having a great week. You're sister is right across the hall working for a little bit today, she looks great. Wish we could all three hang out! :)

Liz said...

Hi Anna! Glad you approve of the bathroom, I feel better now! :)