Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Training week 1 day 2

Well, I decided that I needed to look into my shoe issue after I developed blisters so quickly, and was able to find a nice pair of Adidas shoes in a wide size. They seem to be a much better fit! Today was my second day of walking. It wasn't nearly as easy as my first walking day, because the muscles on the outsides of my shins was pretty sore. I managed though to walk through it , and with the help of some good music I started to forget the aching. I walked another 3 miles in an hour. Unfortunately one of the blisters I got from my first pair of shoes got a tiny bit bigger. I didn't put anything on it before I set out because it wasn't really bothering me, and since I had better fitting shoes, and nice fancy socks I didn't think it would be necessary. I did also get a new small blister between my toes. Hopefully I will be able to deal with these blister issues quickly and not have that problem for long. There was a woman at the shoe store that went so far as to promise me that I would get them during the walk. That however just made me more determined NOT to get one! I have 9 months to prepare, and figure out how to avoid the blisters, and I fully intend on doing it. Tomorrow is another rest day, and I am supposed to walk another 3 miles on Thursday, hopefully my shins will be feeling better and I won't have to skip out. Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement, it really helps to keep me up and going. And if you have ANY tips please let me know, I can take all the advice I can get!


Thimbleanna said...

Ouch...it sounds a bit painful. I'd love to give you some advice, but, sadly, I'm a couch potato. You are my walking idol though -- maybe if I read about you enough, I'll get off my duff!

Kate said...

If your shins continue to hurt, be sure to stretch your calf muscles out before and after walking and ice down your shins after walking too.

For the blisters, try not to wear cotton socks because that will cause a bit of rubbing as the socks get wet (cotton absorbs all the moisture). Also, if it gets bad enough, they make running socks that have individual toes (like a glove) and those supposedly help with avoiding blisters between your toes!

I'm proud of you! Keep it up!

You're doing great!