Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie.

Happy Birthday Angie.

I love you.

I miss your smile.
I miss your laugh.
I miss your way with words.
I miss your grace.
I miss your style.
I miss your hope,
your faith,
your love.
I miss the joy you brought to everyone who came into your life.
I miss the way you used to hiss at things you didn't like.
I miss your red pen moments.
I miss you dumping wet barbies on my bed in the mornings.
I miss watching movies with you.
I miss your gumbo, and your enchiladas.
I miss you singing silent night to me on Christmas eve.
I miss the great herbal remedies you had for me at a moments notice.
I miss your long beautiful hair that always smelled like flowers.
I miss your hugs.
I miss the love of my sister.
I miss every single thing about you, great or small.
I miss you.


the mother of this lot said...

Thinking of you today x

Kate said...

That brought tears to my eyes... I'm thinking of you and your Mom today. Love to all. I miss her today.

Liz said...

So do I Anna. Hug your mom for me.

Ms. Math said...

I thought about you and your family a lot last week. You're all in my prayers.