Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brand new shiny red...............

Oh my GOD it has been waaaay too long since I last posted! I am such a bad blogger! Life just got in the way, it was much easier to read Mrs. Fox's and Liz's blogs than to post in my own! I was however glad to get to visit my awesome sister, and spend 2 wonderful weeks with her in Arkansas. The weather was fantastic, and I was completely in awe by the homes, the architecture, and the absolutely splendid landscaping there. The flowers were all in bloom and everything was just amazing. I promise I will be a better blogger from now on!

In other news,
LOOK WHAT THE GREASE MONKEY GOT ME (the grease monkey being my darling hubby, who just happens to be a maverick, and master of ALL trades himself, his main profession being a great mechanic)

I have dreamed of having a fancy Kitchenaid Artisan mixer for longer than I can remember, but I never in my right mind actually thought I would get one.
These things usually run about $300.00 and I couldn't justify buying a mixer that cost that much. Granted, they are worth every penny, but I just have a thing about spending that kind of money on something. There are a lot of ways I could spend that much money, and I most certainly have bought other things before one of these babies!
Anyway, the monkey and I went to a local pawn shop, he was in the market for a handgun, and the first thing I saw when I walked through the door was this beauty. Of course, I immediately oooohhhh'd and marched myself right up to it to inspect it. It had to be the only item in the shop that didn't have a price, so I of course prodded hubby to inquire as to what the owner wanted for it.

"Excuse me sir, what do you want for this red mixer?"
" oh, $100.00 it is brand new you know. Those things sell in the stores for like $300.00"
My heart sank, I knew hubby had made that much the night before at his night job, but I never ever expected what he turned to me and said next.....
"Is that what you want?"
I had to stop and pick my jaw up off the floor at that moment... "um yes (sheepishly)"
"are you sure?"
"yes very sure, are YOU sure?"
"If you really want it then yes"

Then, much to my amazement he offers the owner $90.00!! and the guy says "yea sure! I'm not going to bust you over 10 bucks, and I can see that fine fox of yours really wants it"

Now mind you yes I did shudder a bit at this complete stranger calling me a fox, but I know the guy, and I know he really meant no harm, and is actually a family friend of a kid Hubby went to school with. So, much to my elation, I went home happy as a pig in poo with a fine, shiny, red piece of master kitchen craftsmanship. It rode the whole way home tightly in my grip, with me admiring it the whole way.
Monkey is just like that, just when I am most disappointed, he swoops in like a knight on a white horse, and delivers flawlessly. Man I love him!

Now the dilemma is what to christen it with! I have lots of fantastic recipes that I got when my grandmom passed, but I haven't a clue as to what to try. It has to be something extra special, and baked just for hubby. I guess I should let him pick out something.

Funny thing about that mixer, it seemed to induce some kind of cleaning frenzy! First, the kitchen had to be cleaned so that it could take a place of promenence on my counter, why that invlolved completly emptying out the cubbords,
and doing a major overhaul. Yes, it did need to be done, and it was TERRIBLY satisfying to have the kitchen sparkling inside and out.

Then, for some reason it prompted me to continue into the bathroom for a marathon scrubbing session involving me, a sponge, the floor and my hands and knees! And it didn't stop there!

I also decided that the car had been filthy for far too long and it too needed a good scrubbing! That means it will rain tommorow, but at least the car will look good for one day.

Monkey should buy me stuff like that more often, it seems to bring out the home-maker in me big time!

Hope you all have a fine week!


Mrs. Fox said...

You know I'm jealous, 'cause we talked about those mixers when you were here. I'll have to ask B to keep an eye out for one at our pawn shop.

I think you should make a meringue or a custard - something that would be a real nuisance to make without a stand mixer.

Anna Lea said...

Hee hee I will have John look again soon, as he said that he gets them all the time. Maybe when you visit in the summer you will have a brand new shiny something here waiting for you. =)