Saturday, March 1, 2008

Real Women!

So I decided to share one of my great loves today, great classy 1950's pin-up art. Women in the 50's were loved for the beautiful curvy things they were meant to be, and a great curvy body was the way to go. None of these anorexic bony little things running around back then. I challenge you to find a pinup style drawing or photo where you see bones sticking out. Not a chance these were real child-bearing women! Amazons! Women who could do it all! Cook! Clean! Raise the kids! If only we could go back to those simpler times..... At least we still have great art like this beauty by Alberto Vargas, my personal favorite pinup artist of his time. (I like to think I look a little like this bathing beauty...)Enjoy! and happy March! (only 32 days till my big 25th birthday!!)

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Mrs. Fox said...

I bought a pin up calendar this year for myself. :) I figure it'll make some cool decoupage for next Christmas. :)