Monday, December 22, 2008


OK, I have a dark little secret. My entire life has been crafty. (no that is not my secret) If I were to try to count on my fingers and toes how many times my mother and I looked at some poorly made doo-dad while we were out shopping and she (or I in my later years) said "Oh! we can make that! Better too, we can add this and that, and change it so that this is like that! It will be so much nicer than this overpriced piece of junk" I am afraid I would come up very very short. I never needed anyone to give me inspiration, or come up with a great idea. I never even wanted one. But then there was this woman. A VERY famous, (to some notorious woman). Her crafts, and recipes, and home decor items are pretty much everywhere. Ask anyone form eight to eighty, and they will know exactly who you are talking about. Well, to be honest, I never much liked her. She was always too perfect, too bossy, too formal, too much of everything. All of my family knows what I think of her....Or at least they think they do. The truth is, I like her, her ideas, her home, her recipes, her website design, even the damn packaging she designed for the many things she sells. I was able to get a free subscription to her magazine with some frequent flier miles I had saved up from all the trips I've had lately. When monkey saw her magazine in the mailbox he said "who sent you this crap, everyone knows you cant stand ______" I finally had to admit that I like her. All he could do was laugh. I think he may have known all along I liked her. So I guess the secret is out. I cannot believe I am going to actually admit this, but,


She's waaaaayyy cool.

(now no one start picking on me about it OK?!)

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