Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new friend!

While having my afternoon walk with Charlie-dog tonight. (I only walk one dog at a time, Tuesday is Charlie's turn) I found a little scaled friend basking at the end of the driveway. I ran back inside calling for Monkey to introduce them. Why I would call Monkey who has a distinct dislike for snakes beats me, but I thought they should get to know one another. I later heard monkey on the phone with his friend Andy....."She comes calling me outside, and didn't tell me why. Then I find her at the end of the driveway pointing at a snake. What is the first thing my wife does? Yes of course, she picked it up, what else would she have done. Only my wife sees a snake and decides to make pals with it. What woman do you know actually likes snakes?" It's true, I can't think of more than 2 or 3 women that the first thing they would do to a snake is to pick it up. Most of them would have frozen in fear, and gone running and screaming the other direction. What can I say, I love snakes, I think they are a wonder of God's creation. They way they move is absolutely beautiful, and I love holding them and feeling the strength of their muscles pulsating. Snakes really get a bad name for no reason. They are fantastic for pest control, and a sign of a healthy garden. Poor snakes, ended up with a bad rap just because of a social stigma. Look at this creature, and tell me she isn't beautiful! I walked around with her for an hour or so, and then let her go safely in the backyard near my pond. I thought the pond was a much better place to call home than the end of the driveway to get smooshed!


Tatsuama said...

I remember the first slithering creature I introduced to Maverick and Mrs. Fox. We re visiting their grandmother in Florida and all sitting on the lanai (fancy Florida word for screened in porch) and I notice a small green garter snake trapped in a spider web under one of the chairs. My heart broke to see it struggle so. I know I should have taken into consideration that the spider was going to miss out on a huge feast, but I say, “Let them eat flies.” Mind you, I have nothing against spiders they too are quite fascinating and Maverick has been known to photograph a few of them for posterity also. Anyway I rescued the little green guy and after the girls saw how gentle he was curled up around my wrist watch they couldn’t resist him. We enjoyed his company for several hours and then took him out back of grandmother’s house and let him go in the woods.

Beauty and grace abound, Maverick you are a perfect example.
Love Ama

Mrs. Fox said...

Gorgeous snake! What kind is it? It kind of looks like a rat snake. Funny, in college I got in trouble with B for picking up a snake. I had to promise never to pick up snakes that I couldn't identify as being non-venomous. Perhaps we are related to those snake handlers in the Appalachias or something.

Hugs, Mrs. Fox

Liz said...

Now if a black bear showed up in my front yard, I wouldnt bat an eye. Even a Mtn. Lion. But I would have probably run and squealed like a girl (or a baby pig.. sounds the same)... that is one gorgeous snake.

Liz said...

PS... hope you're not getting to much bad weather.

Ross Truesdale said...

Hi my name is Ross Truesdale. I was on line looking for some family members and I think you may be one. My dad died from Lung Cancer. I was told he died in his bed at night. He lived in FL I lived in Arkansas. I had a sister named Anna and she was 9 years younger then me as you are now. Do you have a sister named Angela and a Mother named Sherry. If so contact me some time. I would love to chat with you if you like.
Ross L Truesdale

Liz said...

Oh yeah, buy the rain gear! Those boots have saved my bacon, I keep them in the car.

Liz said...

Hi sweetie. Just checking in on you. Hope you're doing ok today.