Sunday, February 3, 2008

Never clean in the middle of a project

AH! what have i done?! Alas, I started the most fantastic vintage 50's style dress, and it is nearing completion. Seeing as that tomorrow is superbowl sunday I knew it would be wise to leave the rest of the handwork (hemming buttons etc) so that when the big game begins (GO GIANTS!) I would have something to do so that my hand's inability to remain still for longer than 5 minutes wouldn't hamper my watching of the biggest football game of the year. This fantastic dress has a great jacket to go with it, which I planned to finish save for the handwork tonight, but in the meantime, I, with my dear hubby's help cleaned the house from top to bottom and I managed to hide the second half of the pattern instructions from myself!!!! I always have the habit of having the best of intentions when I clean, but i enevitably end up doing it when I am half-way through SOME project of mine, and I manage to loose some part that I needed to complete it! SO, word for the wise, NEVER EVER clean in the middle of a project, the clutter CAN wait. =)

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